About Us

Kongko Cycling Gear is a mother {Mama Kong} and son {Kong} team. Born from a love of design and the lifelong need to sew for family and friends. We are inspired by the world of color, individuality, the need for better and unique cycling gear and our ability to make it better.
Handmade in Austin Texas by people with heads. Guaranteed highest quality and work-Woman-ship. Super Duper custom designs available..

  • Handmade in Austin Texas by people with heads. No outsourcing. No sweatshops. Same person that sews, hunts down supplies and resources also cleans and cooks dinner
  • Guaranteed highest quality materials & workwomanship
  • Most models are one-of-a-kind
  • Super duper custom designs available

Although Kongko does do traditional vanillaconservative… Classic style hats, much of our designs are one of a kind. Inspired by crazy dreams––What?! You don’t dream about cycling hats??––our hats are designed, altered and tweaked as they are constructed.
We prefer to construct our hats from natural fibers. We use high quality wools and cottons. If there is a stretch to the fabric then it has a wee bit O’ lycra (5% or less). We also recycle and upcycle clothing to use as fabric.

But isn’t wool hot!?? you ask. . . yeah, I heard you.
Wool is warm in cool weather, cool when it’s warm. Its fibers form pockets of air which insulate you naturally. You’ll stay dry with wool and won’t feel damp or chilled because wool wicks moisture away from your body. Our wool hats are available in light weights as well as thicker, warmer winter weights.


  • Can ya make a funky hat?
    Absolutely! We love custom orders.

    Just ask

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    Kong & Mama Kong